While you wait for your appointment have a delicious smoothie from the counter.

Please fill in the questionnaire provided outlining your current health issues, medications, exercise regime and any medical test results you have recently had.  

Initial Consultation (80-90 minutes)
Diet, lifestyle, sleep patterns and mental and emotional aspects are discussed.  We will establish what your personal health goals are and discuss various treatment options that can be easily incorporated into your day-to-day.   In the initial consultation we work together to form a clear picture of your health and identify patterns that may be contributing to ill health by looking at current symptoms, past medical history in detail, iris analysis and appropriate physical examinations.  
I will then go away with all of this information and do my detective work and undertake what research needs to be done.  This is an essential element of my practice, as it often unveils missing parts of the puzzle other healthcare providers may not have had time to explore or consider.

Follow Up Consultation (60 mins)
I will then tailor a personalised treatment plan for you, which we will go through in your follow up consultation.  This will typically include:

  • Nutritional evaluation, wholesome, delicious recipes and meal planning and nutritional supplementation when required 
  • Individualised herbal formulas and preparations from handmade herbal extracts
  • Homeopathic remedies and flower essences 
  • Lifestyle advice 

And a selection of the following will also be incorporated:

  • Mind-body relaxation techniques 
  • Custom made organic skincare 
  • Relaxation body work
  • Resources 

You can then expect to meet again for several monthly follow up consultations to evaluate your progress, address any problems that arise, make changes to your treatment and build on what we have established.  My aim is to gently integrate dietary and lifestyle changes into your day-to-day and give you tools to manage your own health independently without you needing to do any of the guesswork.