My path to naturopathy came through experiencing how the use of herbal medicine, dietary and lifestyle changes profoundly altered a long standing health condition for me.  

I was treating the symptoms of my problem and not the cause. 

Changing my diet and taking herbal medicine had the greatest effect on how my body felt, my sleep patterns and my overall sense of well-being.

Consequently the world around me changed, the quality of my relationships improved, I was able to work more efficiently and developed more confidence and calmness in previously stressful situations.

I had been a remedial massage therapist for about 8 years when I began to notice that the stressors of life were taking their toll. Life seemed to be a constant juggle. Three young children at home, running my business and a husband running his own small business made life very stressful and complicated. Consequently my diet and health suffered.

After visiting a naturopath and getting consistent results I was inspired to return to study and complete a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at the Southern School of Natural Therapies.

Now, as a naturopath and remedial massage therapist, I am able to treat soft tissue problems such as postural stretch and develop stability in muscles with massage while at the same time facilitating improved digestive and hormonal balance within the body with naturopathy.

Traditional herbal knowledge and the latest scientific evidence in regards to herbs, nutrients, diet and lifestyle are combined to provide you with gentle, efficient improvements by addressing the root cause of your health problem as well as providing symptomatic relief. 

Working together we develop an individual program just for you.